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I've been making and selling the Leaf Print Napkins for 28 years.  To begin with, Jim and I walk in the woods and collect the leaves.  Using native leaves from the Pacific Northwest, the image of the leaf is printed onto a single napkin by hand and left to dry for 24 hours.  The cloth is always 100% cotton ( no Polly or Esther used here), the size is always 20" by 20" and the inks are always permanent.  You can wash and dry these napkins just like any other 100% cotton tee-shirt.  The more you use them, the softer they get and you will not need to iron them.
The color choices are Burgundy, Blue, Forest and Gold.  I print the napkins in both multi-colored sets (the most popular) and single colored sets (limited quanity). Every napkin has a different leaf on it whether you purchase the multi-colored set or a single colored set.
The napkins are sold in bundles of 4 and each set is wrapped with both raffia and Norwegian twine in complimentary colors.  The set includes a gift card with washing instructions.  This is my most popular gift.  Email me with any questions.





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