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Hudson River Jewelry 

"Let's Stamp Your Story"



I started making jewelry 12 years ago just for friends and family.  Hudson River Jewelry evolved over the years and now you can purchase my designs.  You will find me at the Redmond Saturday Market this Spring for my 23nd season. 

Gone to Seed got it's roots in 1992 in our farmhouse kitchen near Seattle, Washington.  Since then we've grown and evolved in many ways but we are still a 'two man band' and we still work out of the same kitchen.  I make the linens & jewelry and Jim is the vice president in charge of shipping and receiving. That's right - he loads the van on Fridays and unloads it on Sundays.  (Actually, he does a whole lot more too...)

For the most part, I sell my work at local Art Shows and the Redmond Saturday Market.  

In this day and age of the huge super store where you can buy "cheap made in China everything" we are doing something different at Gone To Seed.  We are committed to making fine, handcrafted, labor-of-love pieces which we are certain you will like.  Both the linens and the jewelry make wonderfully unique and affordable gifts. We hope our work and our love of 'hand made' will inspire you to support your local artists.

Why Hudson River?  My husband and I both lived on the Hudson River years ago - only we were 200 miles apart and didn’t know each other at the time, we met out here in the Pacific Northwest.  Some things are meant to be! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Martha Tyler
Artist, CEO and Chief Paper Clip Bender




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